Inward Remittances

Inward Remittances

Supreme Securities Limited is one of the Principal Agents of MoneyGram USA, Western Union and Ria Money Transfer, for Inward Money Transfer Services in India. We have more than 7000 agent partner locations spread across rural as well as urban areas in India.

Your money reaches from anywhere in the world to India instantly and safely.


Each transaction is electronically remitted and also protected through the international servers. The documentation and payment process has been designed in such a way that the payment is made only to the right person.


For receiving money in India a customer has to fill up and sign a Receive Form. Our Front Office Executives are trained & always keen to assist the customer to fill up the form. Supreme Securities Ltd. ensures that the money is paid out instantly, in full and only to the right person.


MoneyGram, Western Union and Ria Money Transfer Services are duly approved by the Reserve Bank of India.

Reserve Bank of India guidelines
for Inward Money Transfer Service:

  • Any single remittance under this scheme shall not exceed USD 2,500 or its equivalent.
  • If the recipient is a foreign tourist, payments will be disbursed in Indian Rupees only.
  • Not more than 30 remittances shall be received by a single recipient in a year.
  • Payments shall be made against proper and valid identification.
  • Payment to the receiver in India shall be made in Indian Rupees only.
  • Trade related remittances, remittances towards purchase of property, investments or credit to NRE/FCNR accounts etc. or donations/contributions to charitable organisations are not permitted to be routed through this scheme.
  • For Resident Indians, payments exceeding Rs.50,000/- shall be paid only by Cheque/Demand Draft/Pay Order or by direct credit.
  • Outbound money transfer through this mode is not allowed.